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Energy Wise from Evolve Energy Solutions

Energy Wise:

How to reduce your environmental impact and save on energy bills.

Energy Wise Course from Evolve Energy Solutions Ltd

Energy Wise from Evolve Energy Solutions

On this ‘Energy Wise’ course we aim to encourage different housing types, social and ethnic groups to explore and develop replicable strategies for better energy management and cost effective investment in energy efficient or renewable energy products.

We hope to provide a new platform for the expression of interests and understanding on sustainability issues.

Help build understanding between people from different cultural backgrounds.

Re-enforce a sense of local and cultural pride and identity in a positive and enjoyable way.

Course Title? Understanding Heat Loss & Energy Consumption
Date and Time? TBA
What does the course cover? Greater understanding of your energy consumption and more control over your environmental impact.
What do I get? Refreshments throughout the day. Attendance and achievement certificate.
What is the Cost? Free of Charge
How do I book? Complete your booking form or contact Donna on 01484 818884
For further information Contact Donna on 01484 818884

Aims of the Course:

  1. Help incorporate environmentally conscious thinking
  2. Engage people of the community to explore activities they carry out on a daily basis
  3. Develop a new understanding and change enabling communities to be more energy efficient

What You Get:

  1. The tools and the confidence to be more energy efficient
  2. Better control over your energy consumption
  3. A better understanding of sustainable energy
  4. The opportunity to continue on to attain a qualification
  5. An ‘Energy Champion’ certificate

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