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15 April 2014


 April 15, 2014

I recently wrote about soil erosion. A serious problem that is getting worse, along with deforestation, desertification and declining bee numbers.

”Bees?” you say…. YES!

Bees are so very important to our world. Bees are the, often, barely noticed pollinator. They pollinate about three quarters of the worlds most important crops…. yes they are very important crops… FOOD!

Without these little bees doing their little buzzing around from plant to plant and flower to flower, farmers would have to pay £1.8 billion a year to pollinate their crops. Now imagine the impact of the cost of that on our food bill.. eek.

Bees, amongst other insects, are essential to the successful pollination of our fruit and vegetables and therefore are essential to our economy.

Bees are social creatures, who will quite happily leave you alone unless they feel very threatened. I remember as a child watching them in my garden and stroking them as they sat on the flowers collecting pollen. I also remember my dad feeding them honey when they were on the floor drowsy and moving them out of harms way until their energy was replenished. I still do both now. In fact I have fallen in love with bees.

Here is a picture I took when I had a drowsy bee in my bathroom and I fed it some sugar water to pep it’s energy levels up, you can see it’s feeding!10177228_634704249911865_1970638096200473036_n

So as I was saying, they are very important in the whole eco / climate / environmental thing at the moment. We need to encourage bees into our gardens to feed them from early spring right through with as many flowers as possible, but they like blue/purple and yellow flowers best, as do butterflies. We need to teach our children to care for animals and insects, to appreciate the place they have in nature. They say that all creatures are here for a reason, they all serve a purpose in the big ecological picture.

”Well what can I do?” I hear you ask yourself. have a look at these suggestions……

  • Learn essential facts about our brilliant British bees.
  • Create a bee-friendly environment, even if you don’t have a garden.
  • Grow bee-friendly plants for every season.
  • Support local bee keepers by buying their honey, beeswax candles and other products.
  • Find out how to organise a bee walk or bee breakfast.

I will write more next time about bees!

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