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Free Cavity Wall Insulation

Evolve Energy Solutions Cavity Wall Insulation

Free Cavity Wall Insulation

It may sound obvious, but between the two layers of brick which make up your outer wall, there needs to be a cavity, or gap. Homes that were built between 1930 and 1995 will more than likely have been constructed with two outer layers and are therefore suitable to receive cavity wall insulation. Cavity wall insulation fills that gap, keeping the warmth in, therefore saving energy. However, if your house was built before this, there is a big chance you have solid walls, which are not suitable for this type of insulation (see here…).

Also, if you suffer with condensation on your external walls, free cavity wall insulation may help to alleviate the problem.

More heat is actually lost through your cavity walls than any other part of your home. How frustrating is it to know that as much as 40% of the heat you are paying for is escaping through your walls?  So how good would it be to get some of that back?

A professional team of insulation installers can carry out cavity wall insulation in around 2-3 hours, with the minimum of disruption. They will first drill a series of small holes (around 22mm) at intervals of around 1m in the outside wall of your home, to access the gap between the two walls. Then they will blow or inject the insulation material into the gap between your two outer walls. Once all the insulation is in, the installer fills the holes in the brickwork so you’ll hardly notice them.

As a general rule if your outside wall measures 30cm thick, then chances are you have a cavity wall. Anything less than this and it’s more than likely to be solid. Another way to tell is by the brick pattern…

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