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Loft Insulation

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Loft Insulation

Loft Insulation is an excellent first step to making your home more energy efficient. If you do not have loft insulation you could be losing as much as 25% the heat in your home through your roof.  This of course means by installing Loft Insulation you are creating a simple but utterly effective way of reducing your heating bills.

Loft Insulation is required to delay the escape of warm air from your home and is effective for at least 40 years, therefore you will make a dramatic saving on your heating bills.

The first layer is laid between the timber joists at the loft floor level (you are likely to already have these in place). However, because heat can be lost through the joists themselves, a second layer of insulation is laid across the top of the joists, in the opposite direction as below.

If you were to have the recommended 270mm depth installed, you could save around £150 a year on heating bills and 800kg of CO2. You may already have some insulation in your loft, but it may not be to the latest recommended guide lines of  270mm depth.

These figures are provided by The Energy Saving Trust and are based on a 3 bedroom semi-detached property heated by gas. Greater savings can be made in bigger properties.

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