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Evolve Energy Solutions Smart Metering

Smart Metering from Evolve Energy Solutions

Smart Meters explained:

Every home in UK will have to adhere to Government policy by 2020 and have a Smart Meter installed. What is a Smart Meter? What difference will they make to your electricity bills? Read on…

What is a Smart Meter?

Smart Meters are simply energy meters which will replace your existing electricity meters and automatically send electronic meter readings to your chosen energy supplier. This will eradicate estimated billing with both gas and electricity Smart Meters.

How do Smart Meters work?

Smart Meters communicate directly with your chosen energy supplier, this means that they will always have accurate meter readings and there will be no need for you to take a meter reading yourself. With the use of in-built SIM cards (similar to the ones used in mobile phones), all your meter readings will be sent in real time, with some other suppliers looking at using long range radio to extract your meter readings.

What are the benefits of having Smart Meters?

The 2 main benefits to having Smart Meters are:

  1. Energy suppliers will no longer have to send an employee to read your meter
  2. Your future energy bills will be accurate. No more estimated bills or over/under-paying

Will Smart Meters save Me Money?

Smart Meters themselves will not save you money, they will make paying for the energy you use better. Wireless Energy Monitors or computer software will definitely help you save money. These devices help you keep track of your energy usage by showing how much energy you are using at different times of the day, week, month or year. This in turn will help you monitor your usage so you can become more energy efficient.

Smart Meters will help your energy supplier run more efficiently. If they have a more accurate picture of how mych energy the UK uses and when it is used, they will be able to make sure they have the right amount of energy at the time when it’s needed.

How to get your Smart Meter

As mentioned at the beginning of this page, by 2020 all homes will have to adhere to the Governments voice and have a Smart Meter installed. The roll-out is scheduled to start Autumn 2015 which means you may have to wait until then. As standard the Evolve Energy Solutions website will be updated accordingly.

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